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GameSir Gaming Controller (multiple models, T3s is shaped like playstation controller, T4 Pro is shaped like Xbox, T4 Mini is a custom controller type that is excellent for people with small hands, G4 Pro is another custom design for big boy gamers)

All Models Support multi-platforms: Nintendo Switch / Android / iOS / PC

Deep support for Apple Arcade and MFi games

In addition to the performance improvements brought by Apple on iOS 13, there are more game subscription services, Apple Arcade is one of them. And GameSir will never fall behind, gamers can now use GameSir T4 Pro joystick to play Apple Arcade games. Not only that, as long as it is an MFi certified game, GameSir T4 Pro gamepad also supports it.

Programmable buttons for highly personalized configurations

Create your own personalized configuration and conquer other players! GameSir T4 Pro gaming controller supports users to customize the four buttons on the back with simple settings.


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